Quick idea from #jisclms event

A mega quick blog post before the afternoon session kicks off!
Lynn Connaway‘s talk mentioned that they’d found that students wanted the library/librarian to provide a filtered feed of relevant stuff, so here’s our idea…
1) capture OpenURL usage data along with user data (so you know who’s looking at which journals)
2) identify the most popular journals for individual courses
3) for each course, use TicTOCs/JournalTOCs to provide an aggregated feed of new articles for those journal

3 thoughts on “Quick idea from #jisclms event”

  1. Great idea. At first I thought you meant an RSS feed of individual articles read, which would have grave privacy implications even with the user name removed (what! this gem of articel i spent hours finding is now known to everyone else in class?), but journal level is probably okay..

  2. Hi Aaron
    I’m hoping to finish the coding today, so will update the blog.
    It’s similar in concept to the new book lists that are driven by usage data, so the idea is:
    1) identify the journals that are most heavily used by students on a particular course
    2) create an RSS feed of new articles from those journals (using JournalTOCs)
    3) drop that RSS feed into the Student Portal, so that students on that course get a feed of (hopefully relevant!) new articles

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