Quick idea from #jisclms event

A mega quick blog post before the afternoon session kicks off!
Lynn Connaway‘s talk mentioned that they’d found that students wanted the library/librarian to provide a filtered feed of relevant stuff, so here’s our idea…
1) capture OpenURL usage data along with user data (so you know who’s looking at which journals)
2) identify the most popular journals for individual courses
3) for each course, use TicTOCs/JournalTOCs to provide an aggregated feed of new articles for those journal

Summon 4 HN — bits o’ code

As part of the JISC Summon 4 HN project, we’ll be releasing some chunks of code that I’ve knocked together for our Summon implementation at Huddersfield.
The code will cover these areas:

  1. updating Summon with MARC record additions, updates and deletions from Horizon
  2. providing live availability information from Horizon without resorting to screen-scraping the OPAC
  3. customising 360 Link using jQuery

In theory, the first 2 might also be of interest to Horizon sites that are implementing an alternative OPAC (e.g. VuFind or AquaBrowser) where you need to set up regular MARC exports. The latter might be of interest to 360 Link sites in general.
Keep an eye on the Project Code section of the Summon 4 HN blog for details of the code 🙂

I couldn’t find a relevant photo for this blog post, so instead, let’s have another look at those infamous MIMAS #cupcakes from ILI2009 🙂