HIP XML Parser (v0.01) – search parser

Okay folks – here’s the companion piece of code to the bib parser I posted a few weeks ago!
As with the previous code, this is alpha at best and should be treated as such.  However, if you have any suggestions then please feed them back to me.
As well as specifying your own $url, you can also tweak the $maxResults value to determine just how many results you’ll actually get back.  This will override the npp value in the URL — this means you should be able to lift a keyword search URL from HIP (which might just return sets of 10 or 20 at a time) and get the script to actually bring back as many results as you want (e.g. 100 or 1,000).
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IE7 beta 2 and OpenSearch Autodiscovery

I’m on holiday this week, so it’s giving me a chance to catch up on things.
I bit the bullet last night and installed IE7 beta 2 on my laptop — partly to see if all of our library web sites work okay, but mostly to see how it handles RSS and OpenSearch.
After a virtual prod a couple of weeks ago from Richard Wallis @ Talis, I added an OpenSearch interface to our OPAC (webcat.hud.ac.uk/OpenSearch.xml).  The ability to then use the a9.com site to do a MetaLib-like cross search of multiple resources (e.g. Wikipedia and the OPAC) is a pretty cool feature, especially if you’re doing research — just bring up an article from Wikipedia and you get to see relevant library holdings at the same time:

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