ITV Unforgiven – campus shots

Following on from the last blog post, here’s some of the “on-campus” photos…
(that naughty faked “York” signage)
(Quayside, staged to look like a student cafeteria)
snapshot20090128184323 snapshot20090128184333
(The Art & Design section of the Main Library — apparently the few seconds of footage that appeared in the final programme took 3 hours to shoot!)
(St Paul’s Hall — a venue that attendees of the world famous Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival will be familiar with)
snapshot20090128183905 snapshot20090128184223
(outside the Creative Arts Building — the foundation stone was unveiled by The Queen in 2007)
(inside the Creative Arts Building, with St Paul’s Hall in the background)
snapshot20090128184155 snapshot20090128184342
(Storthes Hall, student accommodation)

Hey up — we’re on TV!

The last episode of “Unforgiven” (IMDB) has just finished, and it featured quite a bit of footage filmed on-campus at the University of Huddersfield — mostly in the new Creative Arts Building, opposite the library…
However, if you watched the programme, you probably spotted that the TV production crew covered up the University of Huddersfield signage and replaced it with “University of York”. They even used the same font and design as York!!!
I’m not sure if there’s anyone from York reading this blog, but I’m curious to know what exactly happened. Presumably the University of York gave the production company permission to use their corporate branding? If so, why didn’t they just do the filming at York in the first place? I’m also surprised that the top brass at Huddersfield gave the production company permission to dress our University as another one — especially one that wasn’t a fictional university :-S
Anyway, if you did watch the final episode, the parts where Ruth Slater (played by Suranne Jones) followed her sister (Emily Beecham) to the university were filmed at Huddersfield in the Creative Arts Building and in the Quayside area of the Central Services Building.

Bloomin’ global warming

Just in case anyone was in any doubt about the reality of global warming, the BBC Ceefax service is currently reporting (on page 402) that we’ll have a peak temperature of 54°C (129°F) tomorrow…
So, for anyone heading to London for Internet Librarian International 2008, I’d recommend lots of sun cream and a big hat.

Blackmail on BBC4

Just got an email from the BBC! 🙂

Hi there
I just wanted to let you know that we are showing Hitchcock’s classic film Blackmail on BBC Four on Saturday 13 August at 10pm:
It is accompanied by a new documentary based on Matthew Sweet’s book about early British cinema, Shepperton Babylon:
I thought that your users might be interested in both programmes.
Best wishes
BBC Four webteam

I’d spotted that Blackmail was showing on BBC4 next Saturday (in fact, there’s quite a few Hitchcock films & programmes on that day), but I’d missed the “Shepperton Babylon” programme – many thanks to the BBC Four Webteam for the “heads up”!