Quick plug: CILIP U&CR Y&H Open Source event

Just a quick plug to say that there are still spaces available at the “Open Source: Free Speech, Free Beer and Free Kittens!” event at Hudderfield on Friday 26th June. Full details and a link to the booking form are available on the CILIP University College and Research Group web site.
Speakers at the event include:
– Ken Chad (Ken Chad Consulting)
– Nick Dimant and Jonathan Field (PTFS Europe)
– Nicolas Morin (BibLibre)
– Richard Wallis (Talis)
…although I don’t think there’ll be any free beer or kittens on offer to delegates, there will be a free lunch which is kindly being sponsored by PTFS Europe 🙂

2 thoughts on “Quick plug: CILIP U&CR Y&H Open Source event”

  1. Thought the Open Source event was really interesting, Dave. As I come from a public library background, it was good to also hear what academic library services were up to. Thought the use of circulation data to provide recommendations was clever and has given me a few thoughts for our catalogue…. or, as we’re talking about next gen catalogues, maybe that should be kittenlogue 😉 PS: Apologies if you’ve received this feedback from me before – my not so smart phone after all decided it was going to throw a wobbly while I was trying to reply.

  2. Dave – Thanks so much for restoring your wonderful HIPpie program to your new server! Just in time for a staff training session I conduct tomorrow on notable features of our HIP catalog!
    – Judy

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