Congratulations Casey!

Contrary to any speculation you might see on, I haven’t been abducted by aliens, joined a monastery, or fallen down an open manhole cover — the last couple of months have been fairly hectic and although I’ve kept saying to myself “I must remember to blog about XYZ”, life just keeps throwing stuff in my way.
Anyway, this morning I found out that Casey Durfee has left the Seattle Public Library to become the latest employee of LibraryThing — specifically he’s going to be working on the LibraryThing for Libraries product.
I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve added something to our OPAC or written a bit of code that I thought was new & cool only to find out that Mr Durfee had already done it.
I think I’m already on record as saying that if I lived in the USA, I’d camp outside Tim Spalding’s house with a large sign saying “Please let me work for LibraryThing! Will write code for coffee and peanuts!”. Come the day that LibraryThingGlobalHyperMegaCorpLtd opens its first UK office, I’ll be there with my sign.
So, with a huge amount of envy, I’d like to wish Casey all the best in his new job. I’d also like to thank him for the hundreds of helpful emails he’s sent to the IPAC and Horizon mailing lists over the last 6 years — there were many times when I seriously wondered if Casey knew more about how HIP worked than the developers at Dynix (and then SirsiDynix) did!

Go Danbury, Go!

Congratulations to Danbury Library in Connecticut for being the first to add LibraryThing for Libraries to their live OPAC!
For anyone wondering if it works with the Dynix/Horizon HIP OPAC, let me tell you that it works a treat 🙂
In completely unrelated news, one of my work colleagues visited Grimsby today. A quick look at Wikipedia and I was able to amaze her with the fact that Grimsby produces more pizzas than anywhere else. Not only that, it looks like Grimsby has been making pizzas since the Dark Ages:

Hmmmmmmm… Medieval Margarita with 6 slices of Mozzarella!

Extended info from “pewbot”

LibraryThing‘s Tim Spalding has been in touch with me and he made some suggestions that I’ve now added into pewbot.
If you pop /extended onto the end of a request, then pewbot will return a richer set of information – e.g.:
The attributes returned for each ISBN are:

  • count
    the number of borrowers who borrowed both books
  • totalDays
    the total number of days that elapsed been each item being borrowed by all the borrowers
  • sumDays
    the sum of days, taking into account loans before and after
  • ckoBefore
    the number of borrowers who borrowed the second item first
  • ckoSame
    the number of borrowers who borrowed the second item at the same time
  • ckoAfter
    the number of borrowers who borrowed the second item afterwards

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