Transcript of the #cilip2 Twitter hastag

Despite a widespread network failure that seemed to affect quite a few universities, I finally managed to pick up all of the #cilip2 tweets from today’s event:
Whenever I get a spare half-an-hour, I’ll do some analysis of the tweets. If anyone want a tab separated version of the data, you can grab it from here.

7 thoughts on “Transcript of the #cilip2 Twitter hastag”

  1. Thanks for this Dave. Really useful to see a full transcipt especially as tweets were coming in so thick and fast that they had rolled off the screen before reading them all (viewing via twitterfall and screened in the room for flesh and blood participants to see)!
    BTW I think that the time log is about 60 mins out as the session started at 2.30pm

  2. I’ve updated the two files so they contain tweets from after the event. If they don’t appear, please try clearing your browser cache!

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